Puerto Rican Women – What You NEED to Know

Hot Puerto Rican Women – What You NEED to Know (This goes for most Latinas as well.)

When a Puerto Rican woman meets a guy who eagerly lets her know that he has always wanted to date a beautiful

Yes you can!!

Yes you can!!

Puerto Rican woman , she will usually move on. Why? Well, anyone who thinks about dating a Puerto Rican woman, or anyone for that matter, as something of a novelty is not very appealing.
Nine times out of ten a guy’s conversation continues with “Why do Puerto Rican or latinas always…….”. Latinas wouldn’t have to work another day in their life if latinas had a buck for every time Latinas heard those words.
Still Latinas can understand the appeal, after  Puerto Rican women have been blessed with beautiful sexual looks, passionate natures, a booty like there’s no tomorrow and the ability to use them.
So here it is guys, this is what every guy should know about dating a Puerto Rican woman.

Latinas Are Going To Be Late

When you first start dating a Puerto Rican woman this will probably be the first thing you notice. Latinas in general are always running late, a result of their laid back mañana attitude. Thier friends and  latinas always have two time references for any event, the actual time and what Latinas call “Puerto Rican time” which is a good hour or two later.
Be sure you leave some extra time for her to get all dolled up for you. Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough that Puerto Rican woman almost always complain about their hair and the fact that it takes a long time to fix it right. That’s why when they aren’t out on the town, they just pull it back and put it in a pony tail.

Latinas Are Close to their Families
Once you have been dating a Puerto Rican woman you will find out just how important la familia is to her. Most Puerto Ricans are raised to have very strong ties to the family and have close relationships not only among our immediate family, but with extended family as well. To be clear, when a Puerto Rican woman is talking about her family she is including her tias, tios, grandparents and the ever important circle of cousins. If you are a white guy, it will take you a while to adjust.
Family is a huge part of theri lives. Latinas as well as  Puerto Rican ladies spend more time with their family than the average American gal. So be ready to deal with their family and possibly be included in a couple of bonding experiences along the way.

Latinas Listen to their Mothers
The strongest bond among  Spanish family members is that between a mother and daughter. Puerto Rican latinas have incredibly good and trusting relationships with their moms. Latinas are going to talk to our Mamis about everything, even you.
The only thing you need to know is what “mi mamá always says” and Latinas will be sure to let you know that they call or visit their mami all the time.

Latinas Love to Celebrate and Socialize.
Latinas in general are proud of their culture and they will celebrate every occasion. They will even have a huge party just to celebrate a 1-year-olds birthday. (I know this for a fact. My son’s birthday party had a DJ, Food and liquor. It was more of an adult party after the kids went home.)  Latinas have been raised to expect a fiesta  or party to commemorate every important phase and achievement in  their lives that it becomes second nature.
That said, prepare yourself for excitement when it comes to a birthday, graduation, first birthday party.

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Latinas Love to Dance and move that booty in a hypnotic fashion.
Latin latinas have dated plenty of guys that can’t dance, and then Latin latinas have dated guys who really can’t dance. Your inability to dance will probably make them laugh and smile, but Latinas won’t pass you by just because you can’t dance. If you can dance though, most Puerto Rican ladies will probably think they have hit the motherload.

Dancing is just another one of those things Puerto Rican latinas are naturally blessed with and Latinas love to do it. So even if you can’t dance that does not mean you shouldn’t take them out dancing.
*Learn to dance, take lessons or have a Latina show you how to dance.

Latinas Love Food – This ain’t no bullshit.
The kitchen is the busiest place in a Puerto Rican’s house.  Latinas love to cook, eat, laugh and live together and a good, hot meal is always at the center of all that. Most Latinas know how to cook, as a result of the strong bond between a

Try it. You better like it!

Try it. You better like it!

Latina and her mother.

Combine a Puerto Rican woman’s know-how with the natural female urge to nurture… and you’ll have a woman who is always trying to feed you. (Be careful if you are a whiteguy, you’ll get fat quick.)  “Go ahead, try our empanadillas. You won’t be disappointed.” If you honestly like and enjoy the food, you will win a Puerto Rican woman over in no time. Her mother will like you. If mom likes you…YOU ARE IN!!!
So there it is guys, use this this wisely.
As for the sexy looks, like luscious lips, amazing curves, beautiful eyes and more, these ladies know they are hot. And they know how to use these features to get what they want.

They know how to work it.

They know how to work it.


  1. Frank says:

    What about the language?, but the info was great love Dominicana’s, Latin latina’s’, and Puerto Rican’s!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  2. richard says:

    I love Latinas in general but I must say Puerto Rican Women are the sexiest, fun to hang with, most caring , beautiful, and they are excellent mothers. If a Puerto Rican women loves you, you will have THE BEST sex life there is!!!!!!!!!

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