Thick Latinas

Thick Latina Videos  – Scroll down to see some thick ass puerto rican booty that will bounce off your lap.

Nothing beats a thick Latina. Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s a diet consisting of rice and beans. There is something about a thick Latina that can’t be beat. They have many features that other latinas from other cultures envy. Luscious Latinas are some of the most beautiful latinas of the world.

One example of a thick latina is J-Lo. Her Spanish behind is so nice, she should have a permit to carry that. What do you think about a thick Latina.

Here is another thick Latina. Her name is Scarlette. She’s from the Bronx. She’s so think that her butt is unable to fit into a pair of jeans. Her back has that dip in it so her rear can stick out. And when she dances it is unbelievable.

She is a thick Latina who is also Puerto Rican.

Thick Latina
Here are some videos on thick latinas.
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